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KNEAD IT:   Carpanea Organic Pasta

Impastarci is a social cooperative that produces high-quality dry pasta
quality, bronze drawn and dried at low temperatures and slowly
(16-24 hours) in static cells. This is how we obtain Pasta CARPANEA, with flours
whole grains of ancient grains, hemp and legumes. All products and materials
prima are 100% Italian, single variety and strictly organic.

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Aries supports women!

In fact, the project was born with the social objective of job placement of
women victims of violence. With them we activate internships and in
some cases, job placements in our small production company.

Our motto is: "eat well, live well and do good", the fulcrum of our mission.


Pasta CARPANEA stands out not only for its specific flavors and organoleptic qualities, but also for its health-promoting characteristics: it has an index
lower glycemic than other pastas, which is why it is particularly
suitable for low-calorie diets; gluten proteins (except legumes which do not
contain them) are less elastic and, to a lesser extent, suitable
therefore to those who prefer a healthier, gluten-free diet.

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