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Our history is a mix of passion for food and modern innovation. On the one hand, we are custodians of culinary traditions, celebrating the grill and embers as ancient masters of the art of flavor. The flames warm the soul of our meat and fish delicacies, giving life to dishes rich in aroma and tradition.


On the other hand, we embrace the future with a dedication to modernity. Our pizza, culinary art par excellence, is transformed into a unique creation with selected ingredients and impeccable crunchiness. In a world that seeks healthy options, we are committed to discovering low carb and organic products, combining taste with well-being. The Ariete Restaurant is the meeting point between past and future, where our commitment to authenticity and health come together in an unparalleled culinary experience.


At the Ariete Restaurant, the organization of your events becomes a stress-free experience. We offer a complete service from A to Z, taking care of every detail to ensure your event is perfect in every aspect. From planning to implementation, we take care of everything: from the setting to the setup, from delicious food to refined drinks. You can relax and enjoy the event knowing that our highly professional team will take care of everything, including the cake. Choose the Ariete Restaurant to create precious memories, without worrying about anything.

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